Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Ben Cooper
Passed 1st time
Lee was very helpful and taught me multiple new tricks. He was very friendly and informative when I asked questions on text or phone. Lee was also encouraging when I lacked in areas to help improve and excel. He made me feel comfortable and I felt like could ask any questions I needed whenever I wanted, he also helped me recover from habits I had picked up from driving my own car. I would recommend Lee to anyone looking for an instructor in the area.

Thomas Andrews
Passed 1st time
When I first started with Lee he gave me a book with all of the needed information so I was able to go through each week what we needed to do and because of this it made it very clear what I needed to do. Lee was very patient with me all throughout my lessons and this was very motivational because he was rewarding when I got something right and If I got something wrong he would explain it to me and listen to my thoughts as well. He made me feel comfortable behind the wheel with his calm and relaxed environment which for me personally was the best way for me to learn to drive. Lee didn't feel like a driving instructor but more of a friend. I cannot thank you enough Lee for all of the help you have given me. Thank you, I wish you the best.

Kitty Murfin
Passed 1st time
I thought my instructor was really good and he kept calm and taught in a very understandable way. I think the LD system is very good and I would 100% recommend them and the resources provided really helped.

Jai Matharu
Passed 1st time
Lee is the best instructor I could have asked for. His advice calmness and friendliness made my experience so much easier as I was able to pick up skills and learn from mistakes very efficiently. These are the reasons as to why I have recommending him to so many people. The LD Sytem was excellent as it allowed me to fully understand anything I was unsure of. Learning with Lee was one of the best choices I have made!

Richard King
Passed 1st time
I couldn't be happier with my instructor, he put me at ease and was extremely friendly and professional. The instruction technique was ideally suited to my particular learning needs as it allowed me to take control of my own tuition at a pace I chose. My instructors technical knowledge and experience was superb and I felt confident in myself as a result. Although I didn't fully utilise all the source material provided as I prefer a hands on approach, I found it helpful none the less and was impressed with the depth and maticulous nature of both the book provided and the online resources. I would highly recommend both LDC and specifically Mr Tidy having passed 1st time with just 4 minor faults. A pressure free enjoyable experience.

Bryn Cockayne
Passed 1st time
Lee is a very patient and understanding instructor. I was only doing lessons with him for a relatively short time but he made me feel confident enough to go into my driving test after only 9 weeks of lessons. I would definitely recommend him to other learners.

Daniel Austin
One happy driver
Lee is an excellent driving instructor, learning to drive with him was a fun and rewarding experience. I feel I am a safe and competent driver due in part to his instruction, the course materials and my own hard work. The DVD is handy and the book is brilliant. Lee was able to walk me through the material and explain any areas that I didn't quite get. I recommend anyone to go with Lee, from nervous drivers to people with no experience, young or old - I'm sure Lee can teach you. He's great at putting you at ease, explaining difficult topics, realising areas needing improvement before to do and implementing effective strategy to tackle it.

Amundeep Johal
Semi Intensive Course
Lee is an excellent driving instructor. He always makes you feel at ease and is very patient and calm, even when you make mistakes. He is also very friendly and makes all the lessons enjoyable and explains things very clearly to help you progress. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to learn how to drive.

Luis Edwards
1 week intensive course
When taking the 1 week intensive course, Lee was very helpful and informative. He was always conscious of my progress and ensured that everything I needed to practice for the driving test was covered throughout my lessons with him. I found Lee easy to get on with and very patient which really helped my driving to improve continually across lessons. The LD system was useful in giving me an accurate representation of what I needed to focus/improve on for my next lesson and I could easily see which areas of my driving I was confident in. I would definitely recommend taking a course with Lee to prepare you for your driving test.

Kyle Booth
Test booster
I believe that Lee is an excellent instructor who is very patient and calm in his teachings. He helped me get back on track after being with a not so compliant and confusing instructor. Lee has helped me gain confidence after this ordeal. Lee is very confident and well experienced. Overall I would highly recommend Lee, especially after he has put in extra time to have lessons around work hours.

Jordan Bradley
Passed 1st time
A few months ago I started driving again with Lee Tidy who is an absolutely fantastic driving instructor. He’s been so patient with me over the past few months and I highly recommend him to anyone on my friends list who is looking to start driving. After all the hard work and perseverance I can’t thank Lee enough for what he’s done. Thank you so much mate it means everything. Couldn’t be happier if I tried! Watch out everyone.

Catrin Huitson
I was not with my instructor (Lee) prior to my theory test however, he was brilliant in helping me get through my practical. I had a very unique situation to which Lee was very adaptable; he was flexible with time and tailored every hour exactly to suit my needs. Furthermore; I suffer with bad anxiety and he made me feel comfortable and confident throughout my lessons and my test, I asked him to join me along it. I felt I gained a personal level with Lee and he made me feel he was genuinely proud of me for achieving my pass and that he truly cared about it. I've had many instructors and this is a quality which I find is a rarity in instructors so I would definitely highly recommend!