Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Jordan Bradley
Passed 1st time
A few months ago I started driving again with Lee Tidy who is an absolutely fantastic driving instructor. He’s been so patient with me over the past few months and I highly recommend him to anyone on my friends list who is looking to start driving. After all the hard work and perseverance I can’t thank Lee enough for what he’s done. Thank you so much mate it means everything. Couldn’t be happier if I tried! Watch out everyone.

Catrin Huitson
I was not with my instructor (Lee) prior to my theory test however, he was brilliant in helping me get through my practical. I had a very unique situation to which Lee was very adaptable; he was flexible with time and tailored every hour exactly to suit my needs. Furthermore; I suffer with bad anxiety and he made me feel comfortable and confident throughout my lessons and my test, I asked him to join me along it. I felt I gained a personal level with Lee and he made me feel he was genuinely proud of me for achieving my pass and that he truly cared about it. I've had many instructors and this is a quality which I find is a rarity in instructors so I would definitely highly recommend!